Planning in details for Hon La Industrial Park II

Post date : 07/07/2015

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1. Scope of planning

Hon La Industrial Park II is planned to locate in Quang Phu commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province.

- Bordered by Anh Trang iron and steel factory to the east,

- Bordered by residential area and farmland of Nam Lanh and Phu Loc Villages, Quang Phu commune to the South-west;

- Bordered by Mui On mountains, Quang Phu commune to the west;

- Bordered by National Road 1A to the east.

2. Characteristic of planning

The planning in details for Hon La Industrial Park II is designed with a rate of 1/2000. This is an interdisciplinary industrial park with the forms of main industries such as metallurgic industry, electronics, mechanics, motorcycle and automobile assembly production, building material production, wood processing, agricultural products and so on.

3. Planning for land use

Total land area in the scope of the planning is 177.1 hectares.

4. System of technical infrastructure

4.1. Road planning:

System of internal roads is planned to have standard design.

- Main roads in the industrial park are planned with the width of surface of the road of 32m.

- Other roads in the industrial park are planned with the width of surface of the road from 10.5m to 15m.

4.2. Planning on ground leveling and rainwater drainage:

- Ground of industial park is levelled with a height from 4.5m to 12.7m depending on each areas; the minimum slope of ground leveling is 0.5% towards North-south direction.

- Rainwater is drained in a separated system. Rain water is gathered to a low field region in the northwest of the industrial park. Part of it is drained towardsthe Southwest through the existing culvert on National Highway 1A.

4.3. Sewerage planning:

Industrial waste-water is collected in a separated system. Water disposed from factories shall be collected and leaded towards to the intensive treatment area. Waste water can be discharged to outside only after standard treatment.

4.4. Planning for water supply:

- The water supply system in the industrial park is designed in the form of circle circuit which can guarantee stable and continuos supply to factories.

- Source of water for in the industrial park is from D400 water supply pipeline of Thai River water supply project.

4.5. Planning for electric supply:

- Using power supply of 22KV and 0.4KV to factories and auxiliary areas in the industrial park.

- Power supply for the industrial park will be taken from a 100/22KV transformer station which is planned to be built in Quang Phu commune.

By Nhu Y
(Source: Decision No.2570/QD-UBND dated October 7, 2011)